Two people are not a heap / an unspectacular heap.
Sun 24th April | 14:00 – 15:00 | FREE
Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe, Judith Browning

Working on a friendship. You and I have been adding words to a heaping conversation for over a year. We’ve been talking about the mulchy ground between the building material of our beliefs and relationships. What do you do with a friendship? Is it something that denies representation? It is indivisible? There is no discreet example you can use for friendship. Within an ongoing process materiality and emotions can be added back into the notion of the heap. Heaped back into the heap.

Without any sense of preciousness we will try to make tangible a working friendship and a friendship that works. Bringing together little scraps of thought. Showing how they build. The process is pragmatic, the object is unspectacular and the outcome attempts to recognise what is already there.

This event forms part of the Rough House extended programme emmanating from an open-call announced in February. Rough House is an exhibition and public space exploring relationships, temporality and interdependence, involving twelve artists and writers. This project between The Woodmill and The Glue Factory forms a space for the exploration of possible methodologies for collaboration and cooperation.

Exhbition preview:

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