In October 2012 This Side of Paradise was located at the Glue Factory in Glasgow. Dudendance rehearsed the piece within the site and created a walk-though environment peopled by mutant creatures who created (and destroyed) themselves with wads of stuffing.

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Photo Credit: Lisa Craig

Video games were invented using military technology to simulate battle situations – we wanted to explore how torture and violence are used in entertainment, film, video and gaming. Where do we draw the line between reality and fantasy ? 

The piece was set into adjoining spaces allowing the audience to see several spaces at once.

Partners: The Arches, Lume Teatro & Casa das Artes Embu Brasil, Fabrik Potsdam, Huntly Halloween, The Glue Factory

Participating Artists:

Deborah May, Cathi Sell, Dora de Andrade and others..

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