Performed by Robbie Gordon
Written by Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon
Designed by Cat McLauchlan
Directed by Jack Nurse

“The Coolidge Effect” is a new piece of contemporary theatre exploring the relationship that society has with pornography.

Wonder Fools have had numerous conversations about pornography and mental health that have taken place over the last 18 months. From these conversations, we have collected various stories and experiences from real people that, along with our research, are at the heart of “The Coolidge Effect”.

We feel that as young people our sex education was inadequate and never quite prepared us for the complex challenges of sexuality in adult life. When this lack of education is mixed with the internet, a reluctance to talk about sex and the burning curiosity of the young, pornography inevitably becomes the sex education of today.

“The Coolidge Effect” uses a blend of storytelling, poetry and scientific dissemination to examine how pornography affects our mental health, relationships, and sexual experiences.



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