Hot-headed debate considering the positives and negatives of Glasgow’s appetite for demolishing architecture in the name of regeneration.

Turncoats creates an atmosphere that is both playful and provocative. It allows and encourages audience and panel to speak candidly and polemically without fear of offending. The coup is to have a liberating enjoyable evening while confronting critical subjects head on with gusto and vigor. Like a film, each event splits into three acts each with their own energy.


Background on topic:

With local authorities across Scotland perpetuating an unfathomable obsession with the wrecking ball and dynamite the result is a social cleansing rather than a mindful mending of our working class and marginal communities.

The destruction of these communities, left to rot and degrade by successful generations of politicians, is celebrated and feted before a calculated process of gentrification is applied that dilutes people and place through the introduction of the middle class, ‘arts and culture’, coffee shops, vintage stalls and polite modernism.

Architects have become complicit in a one size fits all strategy of geographic physical regeneration weighted towards a ‘return on investment’ rather than act as facilitators for a thoughtful process of social, cultural, economic and environmental self-generated development of community.

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