Rough House is an exhibition and public space exploring relationships, temporality and interdependence. This project, as part of Glasgow International 2016, between The Woodmill and The Glue Factory forms a space for the exploration of possible methodologies for collaboration and cooperation.

The Glue Factory and The Woodmill came together through their mutual ongoing investment in utilising and testing temporary/ available space, as both an absolute form of artistic necessity and a means for critically exploring facets of art production and exhibition.

Preview; 15:30 – 20:00, Thurs 7th April

Rough House Party; 19:30 – late, Fri 8th April

General opening times – Exhibition/ Social Space open;

8th – 24th April
14:00 – 20:00 Mon – Fri
12.30 – 20:00 Sat – Sun

The exhibiting artists are;

Jenna Bliss / Theo Burt / Susanna Davies-Crook / Alastair Frazer / Mathis Gasser / Nik Geene / Devin Kenny / Stuart Middleton / Oscar Murillo / Richard Parry / Naomi Pearce / Richard Sides / Gili Tal /#temporarycustodians / Angharad Williams / Reece York /

With contributions by;

Maeve Brennan / Joey Holder / Matthew McQuillan / Lindsay Seers / Erica Scourti

Hold Me – Salon Discussion
Sat 16th April | 14:00 – 17:00 | FREE | Facebook

Hosted by #temporarycustodians, this salon style discussion considers how the artist’s body- the ‘labouring body’, and the ‘body of work’ is cared for by peer groups and institutions. Speakers will contribute insights from the perspective of the walled garden of art school to the open source DIY academy, the crumbling post industrial studio to the post-studio laptop in coffeeshop. How do artists work, store, plan their future and make safe investments in Glasgow? We invite Glasgow based artists to come along to open the discussion into a local context for building the capacity to care.

Stratum: Maeve Brennan, Erica Scourti
Sat 16th + Sun 17th April | 12.30 – 20.00 | Facebook

This screening reflects upon the process of extracting data. Scourti dredges data from her own archive of diaries, passing them through automated editing and visualisation apps. Brennan’s subject is the limestone quarries in Jerusalem’s West Bank where Dynamite is not permitted so instead labour intensive mechanical approaches have been adopted. The wrestling of data from the artists’ body and mining of stone from the occupied landscape perform a posthuman moment, in which body and landscape, object and process, become one machine. Putting aside historical notions of mediation or collusion with machine, instead geological landscape and the human subject synthesise with the operation of gleaning resources to become stratum; a technical machinic juncture, where the process of making visible also functions to compress time. The works will be shown together as a loop, projected upon a suspended screen in the Glue Factory’s Tank Space, reflecting upon inter-relationships between their practices, and applications within #temporarycustodians research.

As part of Rough House, The Woodmill and The Glue Factory extended an open-call to Scotland based artists, musicians, curators, events organisers and other organisations to partake in an extended programme of events.

We received numerous applications which set-out to explore different modes of collaborative process and the complexity of how friendship and practice are so indistinguishably intertwined;

Field Recording
Sun 10th April | 14:00 – 15:00 | FREE | Facebook
Gordon Douglas, Tom Graham

Mis-isms (Writing Workshop)*
Sun 17th April | 14:00 – 17:00 | FREE | Facebook
w/ Kati Karki

The World of The Weakest Link
Sat 23rd April | 14:00 – 15:00 | FREE | Facebook
Luca George, Ewan Murray, Anna Danielewicz

two people are not a heap / an unspectacular heap
Sun 24th April | 14:00 – 15:00 | FREE | Facebook
Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe, Judith Browning

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