Curated by Andrew Houston, RE-CORD was a two part exhibition as part of The Glue Factory’s G.I. Fringe.  RE-CORD brought together work from artists that use cinema as a tool to lead their process, or as a culmination of their work.

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7166040672_8741c19623_kRe-cord, The Glue Factory

Exhibiting a broad range of work in response to film—as either documentation, the fabrication of the unreal, or the memory of a narrative—RE-CORD showcased work from established artists, emerging graduates, and current students from Glasgow and further afield.

Part one: 20-22.04.12

Part two: 3-5.05.12

Participating Artists:

Part one:

Joanna Monks, Eileen Daily, Philippe Murphy, Zoe Williams, Winifred Herbstein, Jenny Lewis, and Rachel Maclean

Part two:

Rachel Maclean, Ruth Scott, Scott Caruth, Kari Robertson, Tracy McMaster, Max Prus, Ashanti Harris, Romany Dear, and Philip Longstaff.

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7166042354_1c1456c154_k 7166041378_4c47b0b17f_k  7166039212_004d42e06d_k 7166037292_9029bd45e8_k Re-cord, The Glue Factory