Music Language Festival is a non-profit, no-budget festival produced and curated by independent event organisers Cry Parrot.

Music Language Fest Poster the Glue Fact

Cry Parrot’s annual Music Language Festival returned for it’s 3rd year. The line-up consisted of a selection of acts hand-picked from Scotland’s hugely diverse underground music scene. Taking in everything from folk to noise, hip-hop to techno and jazz to lo-fi pop, the line-up aims to present the most interesting, thought-provoking and esoteric new music being made in Scotland right now.

In it’s 3rd year, the festival presents 35 live music acts across a slew of Glasgow-based locations. From artist-lead warehouses, cafes, community centres and rave spaces to outdoor guerilla style gigs (presented in collaboration with Winning Sperm Party) we aim to present music in spaces that are as stimulating as the music itself.

DAY ONE LINE-UP at The Glue Factory – (Friday 6th September):


Daniel Padden

Hypno Coin

In Posterface

Kenny Love

Lovers’ Rights


Sam (Vitamins) (DJ)

Trembling Bells

Ubre Blanca

Vars of Litchi