Mis-isms (Writing Workshop)*
Sun 17th April | 14:00 – 17:00 | FREE
with Kati Karki

MIS-ISMs – a collective writing luncheon with focus in the excess produced by misunderstandings; the failed flattery, the unfinished business, the trying to say, what we heard, over left-over lunch, the missed out misinterpreted into an ism. Over various exercises of re-writing, re-editing, re-speaking and re-reading each others words the group will investigate the oblique collective alternative to the singular individual narrative of clarity.

*Places for this event are limited please email mail@katikarki.com if you are interested in taking part.

This event forms part of the Rough House extended programme emmanating from an open-call announced in February. Rough House is an exhibition and public space exploring relationships, temporality and interdependence, involving twelve artists and writers. This project between The Woodmill and The Glue Factory forms a space for the exploration of possible methodologies for collaboration and cooperation.

Exhbition preview:

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