By Daniel Oliver, in collaboration with Gareth Hustwaite’s ‘Electric Magnetics: The Bastard Light’

CHIPOLATAARTPARTY is a dyspraxic time-travel adventure show involving the good fake future silver clothes and the bad real hypnosis they like to call ‘hypnosis’.

There will be talking, rubbish, rubbish talking, audience participation and a psychedelic light world brought to you by Gareth Hustwaite’s ‘Electric Magnetics: The Bastard Light’.

‘The Bastard Light’ is a large and ever growing experimentally controlled, yet all too often uncontrollable machine built from both obsolete and newly formed technology. It generates chaotic moving image and visual feedback. A post apocalyptic and dystopian view into the future of technology in history.

Together and also with you who will get involved they construct and inhabit a clunky orgiastic utopia that Daniel likes to call ‘chipoloataartparty’. It is in the far future now. It is is the dictatorship of the qweeirdo. Don’t eat the sausages.

Daniel Oliver makes haphazard participatory performances that try hard to facilitate a to-and- fro between awkwardness and euphoria. He has done so throughout the UK and overseas since 2003. His performances layer precarious fantasies with clunky reality, foregrounding the liveness inherent in working with unprepared participants. They are unashamedly dyspraxic, embracing his lightly off-kilter relationship with co-ordination, social interaction and executive planning. He is based in the Drama department at Queen Mary University of London.
Gareth Hustwaite is a visual artist and musician based in the UK. ‘Electric Magnetics:The Bastard Light’ has appeared at the Liverpool international festival of Psychedelia, Raw power festival, Eindhoven Psych Lab (Eindhoven, NL), the Roadburn Festival (Tilburg, NL) and on various selected tours and one off gigs for groups including: Terminal Cheesecake and Gnod, also with Kogumaza at ‘the Boiler Room. Gareth is currently developing an event based project called ‘Black Mass’ working in collaboration with various artists, musicians and institutions to form a new live art, music and visual production.