New works by Judith Hagan, Jessica Higgins, David Roeder & Jack Saunders […]

Bartholomew’s Waltz is an event that explores the need for public celebrations […]

Hot-headed debate considering the positives and negatives of Glasgow’s appetite for demolishing […]

For its sixth year at The Glue Factory, the MFA Degree Show. The […]

Babaloose is an ongoing project exploring the converging spaces between writing, performance […]

Stratum: Maeve Brennan, Erica Scourti Beit Iksa Boys, Maeve Brennan, 2013, 8mins […]

To open Rough House we are warming it up with a party […]

Rough House is an exhibition and public space exploring relationships, temporality and […]

The World of The Weakest Link: Luca George, Ewan Murray, Anna Danielewicz Sat […]

Two people are not a heap / an unspectacular heap. Sun 24th […]