Curated by The Art School, Games Night! and Royal Conservatoire, BodyCount brought more Halloween madness to The Glue Factory.



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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Body Count Hallowe’en Party sold out before the doors even opened. A phantasmagoria in the truest sense, Body Count transformed the Glue into a series of strange and fantastical scenes.

Along with all the costumed guests, performance artists took the level of weird up a few thousand notches, with Glue Factory stalwart James Stephen Wright spending the night as a human glitter ball, suspended a few feet above the main bar, covered head to toe in tinfoil.

The partiers in the Rave Cave were joined by two furiously dancing corpses, and a very determined (and likely very cold) artist bobbed for apples in a vat of water in the always freezing Tank Room. The bar was transformed into a slasher prom scene, pumpkins were smashed, human-like statues were stabbed—things got wild.

The combined efforts of the Art School, the Royal Conservatoire, and the folks of Games Night made Body Count one hell of a night. Hats off to them!

Participating Artists:

Tom Wells Claire Biddles Douglas Laing Stella Wan Euan Ogilvie Harley Corke-Ogg Cara Roxburgh Tranny & Roseannah James Stephen Wright David Crossland Kornelia Klokk James MacEachran Richard Martin Kenny Cousin George Thompson Hamish Orr Freya Gosnold Liam Fogerty Katy Dye Ian Richard Hinchliffe Lee Cockshott Gabi Tsonkova

DJs: Aleksi (Deadly Rhythm) Daddy Scrabble Dam Mantle George Thompson

BANDS: Cru Servers All Souled Out (8 piece band) Peter (ween spesh) Flaccid Fathers Aggi Doom CARRIE-OKE !

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