Bartholomew’s Waltz is an event that explores the need for public celebrations within our society. Staged by the collaborative artist’s group BART WALTZ Collective; Lilian Ptacek; George Ridgway ; Bryony Rose ; Elinor Stanley; Max Syedtollen and Jessie Whiteley. We invite you, the audience to participate in games, dance and music as part of an orchestrated celebration. Underlying these invented festivities and collaboratively created installation is a playful iconoclastic streak tempered by a sincere yearning for irrevocably lost – or perhaps imagined histories. Bartholomew’s Waltz will create a cross disciplinary forum that asks audiences to share through making and celebrating; establishing a mode of communication rooted in merriment and inclusiveness.  Come dance, play and sing with us.

Additionally over the weekend BART WALTZ will be holding a screen printing workshop with the Glasgow charity Quarriers. A selection of work produced from this workshop will be present on the Sunday event.

Twitter: @bart_waltz