Babaloose is an ongoing project exploring the converging spaces between writing, performance and visual art.

Babaloose is about the politics of performing, and the power of an audience as a self-organising community. This is an open event for anyone.

Everyone is invited to read something, no sign-up sheets just turn up with something, to read, sing, communicate and we will listen, applaud and have merriment.

This month in a homage to the foundations of storytelling, comics and illustrative expression, the man himself George Garthwaite, will be creating the set.

A big thank you to the glue factory for hosting us again, Its back upstairs this time.

visit for past event photos, literature and information. #babaloose

as always, BYOB

* If you really want to read somethig but nerves get the better of you there will always be someone on hand that will be willing to read on your behalf

Babaloose is committed to providing a safe open platform for performers, we will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.