Back at The Glue Factory, Babaloose is an open platform performance night to promote the politics of performing, and the power of an audience as a creative community.

This is a space for you to explore the boundaries or your creative practice and share your work in new and different ways. Everyone is encouraged to perform and make work for Babaloose, there are no rules on what is allowed, however we do expect there to be a mutual respect between both audience and performer, and an awareness of the contexxt

BYOB (obvz)

** No sign-up sheets ** just turn up with something, to read, sing, communicate and we will listen, applaud and have merriment.

A Huge Thank you to ⭐⭐ Ivy Deacon & Rosie Trevill ⭐⭐ for creating & curating this new year baba set!

Any donations will be given straight to the artists for all their work! #babaloose

If you have ANY questions plz post on the page or visit our sexy website